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As a real estate investment company focused on bringing innovative and unique opportunities to our network, CareHaus and our strategic partners have created an investment model tailored to an ever-growing demand for residential living that is fully accessible and fully barrier-free, technologically ‘smart’, and which provides unique add-on services to our tenants. By collaborating with builders, developers, and health care professionals who all specialize in accessibility and/or care, we are able to combine our resources and expertise and bring something truly unique to market. Our builder and developer partners are experts in design, engineering, and architecture for barrier free and accessible property development. Our health care partners are well established national organizations whose support systems include rehabilitative and restorative care, emergency and stabilization care, more complex behavioural care, long-term assisted and semi-assisted care for seniors. The ability to be able to bring our health care partners these types of investments is a unique feature of our model and creates a long term win-win. Our health care partners have the opportunity to secure accessible and barrier free units in brand new developments far in advance, allowing them ample time to coordinate with local LHIN networks on which residents will receive placements. For CareHaus and our investors, we are able to retain a slightly premium rental rate from our health care partners to have this first right to our units before we bring it to the public market. As well, lease terms are typically 5 years. All of that said however, it is very important that all of our projects can stand on their own, independent of what our health care partners choose to do. The financial viability of our projects are founded on the basis of free market supply and demand for our product as well as average market rents.

In keeping with our penchant for unique partnership collaborations, our development projects are a hybrid encompassing the best elements of an apartment rental unit and a care facility. Units are private (not shared rooms), apartments units (not condos), rented (not bought), and offered at market or slightly above market rent. Our projects all include a health care element which means that all units are accessible and barrier-free  and include optional add-on services such as laundry service, daily housekeeping, seasonal cleaning services, meal prep, personal care support etc. Whether a tenant chooses to use these services or not, the option is there. More than anything the CareHaus living program aims to give our tenants independence, affordability, choice and unique value. This flexibility provides peace of mind as our tenants know they won’t have to pay for support services until they really need it. For more complex health care needs such as 24/7 personal care support, palliative, or end of life care tenants will have to make their own arrangements. Until such time, our program allows our tenants to live and age in place for as long as possible, affordably.

Our models are best suited to those with care needs and generally include youth or adults who require health care support or rehabilitation or seniors who want to be able to age in place in their rental unit. The latter group is a quickly growing cohort. For the first time ever, seniors make up a bigger share of Canada’s population than children. The large shift is due in part to baby boomers getting older, but also to two other trends—longer life expectancies and lower fertility rates. According to Statistics Canada projections, this trend will only increase. The proportion of seniors within the population has been steadily growing since 1960, increasing from 8% at that time to 14% in 2009. According to all population projection scenarios, seniors are expected to comprise around 23% to 25% of the population by 2036, and around 24% to 28% in 2061. Our tenants either have immediate needs or they are planning ahead. Perhaps they are dealing with an existing disability and are not currently in suitable housing. Perhaps they or their families are starting to have concerns around ageing safely. Perhaps they are looking to sell their home and downsize without breaking the bank and without having to move again in 5 years time. Whatever the case may be, if accessibility and support services are important to the potential tenant, we can help.

At CareHaus we are building a reputation of innovation in the real estate investment industry, agility in adjusting to different markets and cycles, competitive investment offerings, and long-lasting partnerships built on trust and a desire to support the success of everyone who is part of the CareHaus team. If you are interested in our investment model and would like to know how to get involved please review our Invest with Invest with CareHaus and Contact Us to get information on our current investment offerings.


Darren Voros

Co-Founder of CareHaus

Darren’s love for real estate prompted him to buy his first house in Red Deer, Alberta CANADA in 2002. Since that time, Darren has been actively involved in growing his real estate portfolio and expanding his knowledge as a real estate investor. Darren is a real estate speaker and trainer with Keyspire and is also a general contractor, a certified home inspector and an EcoEnergy Advisor. You may recognize Darren from some of his recent television appearances. Darren is a regular contributor as the in-house “renovation expert” on CBC’s daytime television series “The Goods”. You may have also seen him on the W Network series “Game of Homes. Most recently Darren was a contractor on HGTV’s “Save our Reno”. Darren now combines his two passions, being an active real estate investor and being on stage and speaking about real estate as he travels across the country inspiring and educating investors.

Carolina Banuelos

Co-Founder of CareHaus

Carolina hails from Toronto, ON CANADA and has a background in project management and business development, driving the implementation of various plans and programs to support revenue-building strategies. In 2015 she began her real estate investing pursuits in residential multi-family properties. In 2017, she and Darren founded CareHaus Properties Inc. and began actively pursuing their vision of merging traditional real estate investing with a growing need for accessibility and health care support in home-like environments.


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Carolina, Darren and
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