About Us

CareHaus Properties is a real estate investment company built on the principals of innovation and collaboration. Using a re-imagined framework, our bespoke model offers rental living options that support an ageing population and those with accessibility and barrier-free needs. By collaborating with our network of investors, builder teams, health tech companies, and health care professionals, CareHaus brings rental options to the marketplace that come with built-in health monitoring and virtual support systems and, in doing so, an innate sense of independence and peace of mind. Our health care partners are well established organizations whose support services include rehabilitative and restorative care, emergency and stabilization care, complex behavioural care, and long-term assisted and semi-assisted care for youth, adults, and seniors. 

Are you a health care company with client placement needs?

We offer community living rental options that are clean, safe, functional and have the look and feel of a home. Collaboration is the foundation of our model. We work with you from the outset to identify the best type of property for your needs. We create a construction / renovation plan that maximizes use of space, safety, technology, and provides features that your average rental likely will not have (such as extra parking, step-in showers, wheelchair ramps, and sprinkler systems). We recognize that real estate may not be your business, and health care certainly isn’t ours. But by working together we create synergy and a parallel momentum. We come to the table to understand your business, your community, your needs. It’s important to establish a shared vision for what a potential partnership could look like, and explore how best to reach our different but equally significant milestones. 

Are you an Investor interested in our model?

At CareHaus we are building a reputation of innovation in the real estate investment industry, agility in adjusting to different markets and cycles, competitive investment offerings, and long-lasting partnerships built on trust and a desire to support the success of everyone who is part of the CareHaus team. If you are interested in our investment model and would like to know how to get involved please review our Invest with Invest with CareHaus and Contact Us to get information on our current investment offerings.


Carolina Banuelos

Founder, President & COO

Carolina hails from Toronto, ON CANADA and has a background in real estate investing, project management and business development, driving the implementation of various plans and programs to support revenue-building strategies. She began her real estate investing pursuits in residential multi-family properties which continues to be her focus. In 2017, she founded CareHaus Properties Inc. and began actively pursuing a vision of merging traditional real estate investing with a growing need for accessibility and health care support in rental and home-like environments.


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Carolina, Darren and
The CareHaus Team