How is the investment managed?

The General Partner (CareHaus) will manage the investment.

How is the property managed?

We will be retaining professional property management for each of our properties

Where do you invest?

Our projects are currently focused in Ontario, Canada.

What is the targeted tenant profile?

Our tenant profile varies based on the project. We lease to health care companies as well as end users. Our occupants may have transitional needs, developmental disorders, autism, acute brain injury or could simply be seniors looking for an age-in-place community with access to barrier free living and medical services.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Our investments typically require a minimum investment of $25,000 CAD

When will I start seeing returns?

It depends on the project. Some investment opportunities could start seeing returns immediately. Others may require a renovation period which could start to see returns in 3-6 months following acquisition. Larger land development or purpose built projects could see a 12-18 month pause before returns start to accumulate.

What returns can I expect?

On average our returns range from 10-25% annualized over the length of the term and will vary depending on the structure and nuances of the deal.

What is the term of the investment?

Our investment terms are typically 5-10 years in length with an option to extend available in some cases.

How liquid will my investment be?

As part of our commitment to each other, an agreement is made prior to engaging in the offering. This agreement amongst many things lays out all commitments, responsibilities, money outlay, and exit strategies prior to engaging in the investment.

What is your investment structure?

Generally our investment offerings are structured as Limited Partnerships (LP’s). Each is formed and managed uniquely and we consider what structure will best serve the distinct purposes of each offering when deciding on the best structure to use. In a limited partnership (an ‘LP’), a member of the business may be a general partner or a limited partner. General partners fully manage the partnership and investment and are exposed to more liability. Limited partners, by contrast, don’t get control over the daily decisions of the business, but are also not liable for the business’s debts or legal obligations. The members of a limited partnership are bound by a partnership agreement, which determines the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Can I use registered funds such as my RRSP’s?

Our investment opportunities are not RRSP eligible at this time

Should I hire a lawyer to review the deal?

Retaining independent legal counsel will give you the opportunity to review the investment offering and discuss any questions or concerns you may have surrounding the terms of the offering. Please contact us if you would like a list of our vetted professional referral partners.

If you are interested in our investment model and would like to know how to get involved please Contact Us to get information on our current investment offerings.


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