CareHaus Properties offers turn-key real estate investments in select growth markets. Our collaborative model brings expertise from different sectors together to produce the best possible product and leasing terms.

CareHaus targets strong Canadian housing markets with solid fundamentals. Our acquisition practice follows a strict due diligence process to ensure each project meets our rigorous criteria. This includes the evaluation and analysis of:

  • Economic assessment of location for long-term growth and stability 
  • Independent third-party appraisals and inspections 
  • A study of economic diversity and key economic indicators to determine market viability
  • Demographic studies 
  • Geographical and neighbourhood evaluations
  • Employment and vacancy rates
  • Business climate and confidence in the marketplace

Why Invest with CareHaus?

In the long term, real estate adds diversity and financial security to your portfolio. In the short term, real estate can provide an ongoing source of income by generating positive cash flow. Smart investors know that owning land is the safest path to generate wealth. At CareHaus we have a simple and effective strategy: target market focus. We have a defined tenant profile and focus our investment activities on attracting, pleasing and keeping tenants who match that profile. We also have a defined partner profile and build our strategic corporate relationships to support all aspects of our business model, from project conception to build to tenant placement.

At CareHaus it’s our goal to help clients achieve financial freedom by buying and owning investment real estate. Our method is easy and hassle-free – we do all the work for you.

If you are interested in our investment model and would like to know how to get involved please review our FAQ’s page and Contact Us to get information on our current investment offerings.


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